It Looks Like You’re Writing A Blog Post…


Yes, Clippy, I’ve finally decided to start a tech blog.  I am joining the 9,342,691 other  “thought leaders” who think people should read their ramblings. (Oops. Forgot to turn the <sarcasm> tag off.  And…there we go. Much better.)

In case you don’t know me, I’m a Senior Manager within Cisco IT (@ciscoit).  Our team has responsibility for mobile device selection and security, service provider contracts, our Mobility policy (including BYOD), our EMM deployment and management, mobile app development, user experience, and our enterprise app store and service catalog. We have over 40,000 employees actively using  over 70,000 devices with a broad range of services and apps every day.

TL;DR – We deliver mobile IT services for an IT company full of engineers.  It definitely keeps us on our toes.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re in the right place. I’ll be posting thoughts about mobility, shadow IT, consumerization, cloud services (primarily SaaS), user experience, and anything else that comes to mind. I’ll try to avoid religion and politics, although mobility tends to be about as polarizing as both of those combined.

For example…

iPhone vs. Android …or… Native vs. Hybrid vs. HTML5 Web …or… BYOD vs. COPE …or… Block vs. Allow

Welcome to Consumerization. This is just the beginning.


Is this thing on?


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